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FIFA 16 versions discussions

FIFA 16 versions discussions

FIFA 16 versions discussions

This will create another side effect, that is EXTREMELY beneficial to EA: Obsolescence of FUT 15 much quicker than any previous version became undesirable to play. Historically players have played older versions for many months, enjoying very cheap markets that will allow them to play with players that were out of reach when the title was current. That's no longer going to be the case. The marketplace will be a gosht town. In fact, the number of live transfers is even now way below what it was before the update.

In short, every user of the game has been forced into a Soviet style economy. The government sets workers salaries at low levels (low DNF multiplier, low rewards), tightly controls the supply of luxury goods (improbable cardweights), prevents free trade (with cheap Fifa 16 coins), and eliminates merchant competitiveness (by setting a low cap that prevents undercutting).

Additionally, all socialist societies have an ultra rich elite that will forever be untouchable. We will have that too. Because the only way to have a great team will be to spend hundreds and hundreds of real US Dollars (or pounds) in buying FIFA points to open as many packs as possible. Of course, there will be the few lucky ones that open a Ronaldo or Messi in a pack, but we know that due to cardweight, this is statistically improbable.

So there you have it. All the follies of the Soviet Bloc of the 20th century have been skillfully and dramatically implemented by the foolish Canadian ( I'm assuming) programmers that are probably too young to remember the Cold War, and certainly never paid attention to history textbooks.

Welcome to the new motherland, Comrades.
EDIT- Several people have asked about the effect of EA changing the price range periodically. This is another socialist staple, and used by many governments in the past to disastrous results. If you hold a good but have no assurance that the value of that good will be the same when you wake up any given day, you will either hoard the good permanently, or withdraw from market participation. This is historically true, and will happen here as we are all humans that react in predictable ways.

If you have a player you think will eventually get a higher price range, you will simply hold it indefinitely until that price is up. Conversely, if you have a player you think will go down, you will sell for minimum.... along with every other thousands of people holding that player. Your chances of selling will be small due to the competition. It will cause the player to be panic sold cheap, and make a self-fulfilling prophecy.

EDIT 2- Professor of Developmental Psychology with your Fifa 16 account. And yes, I know anyone can claim anything, and my apologies for it not being a field of direct relevance. Sorry Reddit. I should have know not to say that in this community.

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