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FIFA 16: permanent tournament

FIFA 16: permanent tournament

FIFA 16: permanent tournament

I want challenges like they have in Madden UT. Anything to earn more coins without trading would be great. Madden has extensive single player UT opportunities to make coins and Mulitplayer ones that are more than just divisions. And they have goals that if you reach them, Like wins and stuff like that you get bonus coins. Madden UT's modes mixed into FIFA would be nothing short of amazing.

2 weekly tournaments that change every Friday, each with a specific 18 players to avoid subbing on players unrelated to the tournament would be great. It would keep card values changing every week. People would never know what was coming so hoarding would be less of a problem with rare FUT16coin Mobille, and every new tournament would mean a lot of people would need to sell in order to buy new players, keeping the market fresh with players, with some valued higher, and others sold at undercutting rates every week.

I agree and I also think there should be at least 2 unique online tournaments running at a time with new requirements. That would spice up FUT a lot

An untradeables league/cup would be pretty fun and could possibly increase the use of hybrid teams, as not everyone will have teams full of top players from the same leagues maybe one or two if they are lucky. Also tournaments where requirements could be card levels 4 bronze 4 silver and 3 gold in the line up maybe? or specific overall rating scroes

Yeah i think so. I created another account to do an 'Untradeables Toad To Glory. My pulls were average & it's pretty tough going. sigh. Don't have anything to record it on either as I'm still ps3 and lazy like that. Maybe they'll spot this and create it in FUT16

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