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How to buy a pet rat or two

How to buy a pet rat or two


How to buy a pet rat or two

By:  Wanda Wilson

For a pet rat, pet shop ones are often just as good as specially bed ones. The specially bred ones have been sick that I have known.

To find a friendly rat that will make a good pet, ask if you can put your hand In the rat cage (maybe even with a glove on, if you are scared, and see who comes over (and eliminate any hostile ones) it is not good to choose a rat by its looks, but by its temperament.

Rats don't like to be away from their cages as long as they can see the cage, so you need to take the rat out of sight of the cage, so the most familiar thing is you When you get the rat home, try to ride him around on your shoulder for an hour or two, putting him back in the cage to go to the bathroom. Rats will rarely go on a person if they can help it.

While the rat is walking around with you, try to keep him from seeing his cage and feed him tidbits of goodies to develop "stomach love" pretty soon the rat will be so anxious to see you he will forget about his cage and come to you. Some people think boy rats make the best pets. They are lazy and laid back. Girl rats are always busy building a nest, changing things, putting things from here to there. And you should get two (of the same sex) so they can groom each other and have companionship. No matter how much you plan to play with them, you

can't lick behind their ears for them...

Rats love mayonnaise, and some prefer ranch dressing. They like oranges and baked potatoes, and baked sweet potatoes too. Rats can eat whatever you are having for dinner, and we always brought rattie bags home from restaurants for them. The only drawbacks of having rats is that they chew a lot,

and can be destructive, and that they live only about a year and a half. They are so personable and have such separate personalities that it is hard on people when they die so quickly.

Rats are like dogs, and think people are very interesting.

Wanda Wilson



March 2003

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