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Bird Health with Dr. Rob Marshall. (Avian Health) www.birdhealth.com.au/ - Cached - SimilarOffers veterinary services with a special focus on birds. Features details of caring for birds, dogs and cats, with a "client only" area.
Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center - Texas A&M Veterinary Medicine ... vetmed.tamu.edu/schubot - CachedSchubot Exotic Bird Health Center seeks to improve the health of wild and exotic birds by promoting research into the cause, diagnosis, treatment and ...
Pet Bird Health FAQ www.upatsix.com/faq/health.htm - Cached - SimilarJul 18, 2008 ... HEALTH. Q. Can I get health and/or life insurance for my bird? A. Yes, you can. You may be able to get additional coverage from your company, ...
Colorado Bird Health www.coloradobirdhealth.org/ - Cached - SimilarSep 9, 2007 ... Information for the general public on Avian Influenza and what it means to you and your family.
Uncle Bill's Pet Centers - BIRD HEALTH www.unclebills.com/BirdHealth.html - CachedKeep the cage out of direct sunlight. Of course light affects their behavior and mental health, but a concentrated beam of light coming through a window can ...
Kaytee » Pet Bird Health www.kaytee.com/pet-birds/general-care/health.htm - CachedIf given a proper diet, a clean, well-maintained environment and routine veterinary care, birds are extremely hardy animals.
All About Birds : Bird Health www.birds.cornell.edu/AllAboutBirds/.../bird_health/document_view - Cached - SimilarHouse Finch Eye Disease. Q. I'm suddenly seeing a lot of House Finches with red , swollen, and weepy eyes. What's wrong with them? A. The sick House ...

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Container bathing
Provide a small, gently sloped container of water for finches and canaries to bathe in. These little guys love to play in the water!

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