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Bird Health with Dr. Rob Marshall. (Avian Health) www.birdhealth.com.au/ - Cached - SimilarOffers veterinary services with a special focus on birds. Features details of caring for birds, dogs and cats, with a "client only" area.
Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center - Texas A&M Veterinary Medicine ... vetmed.tamu.edu/schubot - CachedSchubot Exotic Bird Health Center seeks to improve the health of wild and exotic birds by promoting research into the cause, diagnosis, treatment and ...
Pet Bird Health FAQ www.upatsix.com/faq/health.htm - Cached - SimilarJul 18, 2008 ... HEALTH. Q. Can I get health and/or life insurance for my bird? A. Yes, you can. You may be able to get additional coverage from your company, ...
Colorado Bird Health www.coloradobirdhealth.org/ - Cached - SimilarSep 9, 2007 ... Information for the general public on Avian Influenza and what it means to you and your family.
Uncle Bill's Pet Centers - BIRD HEALTH www.unclebills.com/BirdHealth.html - CachedKeep the cage out of direct sunlight. Of course light affects their behavior and mental health, but a concentrated beam of light coming through a window can ...
Kaytee » Pet Bird Health www.kaytee.com/pet-birds/general-care/health.htm - CachedIf given a proper diet, a clean, well-maintained environment and routine veterinary care, birds are extremely hardy animals.
All About Birds : Bird Health www.birds.cornell.edu/AllAboutBirds/.../bird_health/document_view - Cached - SimilarHouse Finch Eye Disease. Q. I'm suddenly seeing a lot of House Finches with red , swollen, and weepy eyes. What's wrong with them? A. The sick House ...

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Doggy chew toys can be wonderful fun for parrots. Choose cowhide chew sticks, shoes, strips or any of the toys made from dried cowhide. Just don't let the bird soak the toy in her water cup! If this happens, discard the toy and offer another one.

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