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Antelopes are hoofed animals with hollow horns.Locomotion: These swift runners can also jump very well.  Horns: Theantelope’s hollow horns vary fromvery short to very long.  Likeall horns,they are not shed, but continue to grow throughout theantelope’s life.  Inmany species of antelope the females alsohave horns, but they are smaller than the male’s horns.  Anatomy: There are manytypes of antelopes,differing in size, color, shape, etc. These graceful mammals range in size from the rabbit-sizedroyalantelope to the huge, ox-sized eland. Antelopes have large eyes and ears; they use t6heir keensense of sighthearing and small to detect predators. Diet: Antelopes are herbivores and ruminants with afour-partstomach.  Antelopesspend most of theirtime grazing on grass or browsing.  


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